Before Sheidheda normally kill Indra, Madi jumps inside the and slashes your into the deal with with blade, taking out Sheidheda’s best eyes

Before Sheidheda normally kill Indra, Madi jumps inside the and slashes your into the deal with with blade, taking out Sheidheda’s best eyes

Into the severe soreness, brand new Dark Chief knocks Madi on ground and prepares so you’re able to destroy her, however, Indra proposes to kneel prior to your lumen dating when the Sheidheda saves Madi’s existence. Sheidheda allows the offer and you can Indra kneels due to the fact Sheidheda declares himself given that Leader and you may threatens in order to destroy anyone who resists when you’re Knight links an effective bandana to their forgotten vision. With Indra nodding during the them inside the contract, all of Wonkru, actually Indra’s loyalists, ribbon through to the Black Chief as their this new commander while you are Indra seats out of their wounds.

Turning his appeal back again to Madi, Sheidheda finds her gone and sales Knight discover and you may eliminate the woman. Sheidheda guides 1 / 2 of his people to finish off the remainder Sanctummites, however, discovers her or him moved in just brand new dead left behind. Enraged, Sheidheda sales Knight to ascertain the fresh new names of the dead and destroy people within their family members. Considering himself in a great reflective bit of steel, the newest Ebony Chief removes the fresh bandana level their missing eye.

Knight reluctantly agrees and you may Sheidheda orders your to declaration back when their done

About Complete stranger, now sporting a keen eyepatch over his missing eye, the newest Black Commander holds court about Great Hallway. Murphy and you will Emori agree to kneel prior to your, but Sheidheda evicts her or him regarding the castle. Emori demands that they be permitted to are now living in the system shop as an alternative that have Murphy justifying it Emori becoming had a need to take care of the reactor and Black Commander maybe not making his favourite chess mate to settle a good tent. Amused, Sheidheda agrees with the newest consult. Second, the newest Eligius prisoners additionally the College students out of Gabriel get into and you will Sheidheda need which they the kneel otherwise die. Nikki and you may prisoners comply, however, Nelson while the Students out-of Gabriel refute. Getting an assault rifle, the new Ebony Chief kills all Pupils from Gabriel players except that Nelson just who will continue to will not kneel. Sheidheda propels Nelson throughout the lead, killing your.

Afterwards, Knight tips Sheidheda because the authorities try removed to declare that people features accessible to kneel. But not, Sheidheda knows that Knight really means everyone they can come across and you can orders your to carry on to search for Madi additionally the other people, realizing that while they are currently hiding, they will certainly require payback and so they can’t get that. Brand new Black Leader pointedly contact Indra, realizing that the woman is paying attention inside the and you can asks on the Gaia. Knight claims you to Gaia is among the destroyed and additionally they faith you to definitely she is in the trees having a team provided of the Clarke that happen to be „equipped and extremely hazardous.” Knight account that there are zero indication of him or her and you may give Sheidheda Madi’s computer that is available to a typical page depicting brand new Anomaly Stone. The brand new Ebony Leader knows it from when he had new Fire. Indra reminds Sheidheda of its bargain so you’re able to free Madi in return to own Indra kneeling in order to him, but the Dark Chief says the contract is actually away from prior to she went with the covering up with his enemies. Indra claims you to the woman is none Sheidheda’s opponent neither does she understand in which Madi are. Sheidheda sales Indra to possess Trikru cleaning this new clutter and phone calls Nikki over.

Knight are astonished that Sheidheda desires the children lifeless as well, but the guy justifies it as the kids will grow doing score payback if they’re permitted to real time

Since Indra cleanses up a few of the bloodstream on the massacre, Sheidheda ends up the lady, telling Indra so that other people get it done. Indra merely says that he ordered Trikru to wash up the blood and you may the woman is Trikru. The fresh Ebony Leader sales the girl to clean herself up whenever she’s done because the celebrations go for about to begin with. Knight unveils an effective throne produced from bones getting Sheidheda and this they are considerably proud of and quickly sits within the. Knight keeps Wonkru carry in the latest Anomaly Brick which they provides receive and then shows that Nikki, who Sheidheda had go after Indra, moved missing but Knight took it up on himself for Nikki implemented.