Transnational Mobility and the Renegotiation out of Gender Identities: Albanian and you may Bulgarian Migrants into the Greece

Transnational Mobility and the Renegotiation out of Gender Identities: Albanian and you may Bulgarian Migrants into the Greece


Riki van Boeschoten explores the renegotiation out of gender identities among Albanian and you will Bulgarian migrants in Greece. She focuses primarily on one or two major problems that emerge from the life stories out-of men and women migrants. The foremost is the newest empowerment out of migrant girls and you can disempowerment of migrant people, and this seem to contradict brand new ‘patriarchal backlash’ in their house regions. The second is the striking differences between the newest gender identities away from Albanian and you can Bulgarian migrant lady Van Boeschoten locates these types of fashion facing a backdrop from intercourse relations inside Albania and you will Bulgaria together with particularities of one’s migration techniques immediately after 1990.


  • Host Country
  • House Country
  • Existence Facts
  • Gender Relation
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This type of phrase were additional because of the servers rather than from the experts. This process is actually experimental and terminology can be up-to-date due to the fact the educational formula enhances.

Before, during the Albania, it had been an awful guilt for males to help the wives into the errands. Since changed. Whenever i go out to be hired, my husband washes right up the snacks as well as sweeps new floors. (Konstandina, produced 1961, interviewed of the Alexandra Siotou, ) Footnote step 1

We give my personal kid discover a lady that not been moved because of the someone else. And in addition we still believe the girls off Albania be much more compatible to set up a household which have. Albanian females over right here have no idea simple tips to plan, they prefer to acquire a pizza pie about delivery. Each goes down to the newest seashore to own a coffee. We do not keeps currency regarding. And wanted equal liberties which have boys. For all of us, for our generation, that’s not right. In regards to our college students they brini Styliou, )

Those two contradictory comments from the Albanian migrants in the Greece provide a feel of the reshuffling of intercourse relationships going on inside the brand new Albanian migrant society. A guy and a woman-one another produced over 40 years before from inside the Albania nowadays living with their families in the Greece-talk into the a bit more terminology regarding their thinking of your change in intercourse relations within house. If you’re getting Konstandina the newest revealing of your own household errands ranging from husband and partner was an optimistic innovation, Illir takes into account this new dictate of one’s server area into Albanian migrant group are a risk to help you conventional notions off masculinity. Within this chapter I use living reports off forty adult migrants out of one another genders out-of Albania and Bulgaria to examine the newest fictional character regarding gender connections relating to the fresh new migration techniques.

Particularly, I discuss several questions that our interviews issue presented. Earliest, how can we give an explanation for revelation through the interviews out of good good amount of empowerment getting migrant women (in another way getting Albanian as well as Bulgarian female) alongside a disempowerment of males (one another Albanian and you may Bulgarian), with apparent signs and symptoms of a crisis regarding masculinity? This study tries to learn which desire of getting up against the extensive occurrence away from disempowerment of women within their blog post-socialist domestic places, a trend have a tendency to termed ‘patriarchal backlash’. Another matter questions new hitting differences when considering this new discourses, attitudes, and social methods off Albanian and you may Bulgarian girls. Normally these variations feel told me from the altering condition of women in their house country or rather of the the status throughout the Greek work sector? To address these questions living reports provide us with important wisdom to the privately and socially created gendered subjectivities of migrant boys and you may people, even so they never give most of the solutions. They have to be lay against the historic records of the development of intercourse affairs in these a couple family countries across the last century together with particular migration techniques in their machine nation.